Vegan Fashion Week Launches in LA

In recent news we’ve heard about so many high fashion designers ditching fur, leather, mohair, angora amongst more animal-derived products. And with so many celebrities bringing vegan fashion to the forefront, and the latest news that the fashion industry is now launching a Vegan Fashion Week – it’s clear the movement is causing big waves around the world.

Taking place is Los Angeles this February Vegan Fashion Week will run from the 1st-4th. The runway lineup will be announced on the 21st January, and on the 2nd and 3rd Feb there will be a Vegan Lounge featuring companies exhibiting their vegan products. Companies in attendance include Mink Shoes, Vegan Club, Arsayo and many more.

The fashion week is taking place in an attempt to “empower conscious brands and humans globally with an elevated platform for achievement, inspiration, and discovery,” the four-day event is a “tribute to animals and an ode to the end of animal exploitation,”

The event is the latest evidence that the fashion industry is growing more and more sustainable, and alongside a report on the shopping habits of young consumer in Business of Fashionshows that “wokeness”, transparency, and sustainability are some of the defining issues of our time, it’s clear to see the vegan and cruelty-free fashion industry is booming.

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