A Sustainable-Looking Future for Burberry

Just months after the revelation of the damning news that Burberry destroys millions of pounds of stock a year, the new designer in charge has hailed a new era at the company. Thank goodness.

Back in July the news broke that Burberry was destroying £28.6 million worth of “unsaleable” old stock a year, leading to a huge backlash, and rightly so.

Now, via a statement released on its website, the British fashion label has declared that it will put an end to this practice. Instead, the company has claimed it will “reuse, repair, donate or recycle unsaleable products”, saying that this will build on a new strategy “as part of our five-year responsibility agenda … which is helping tackle the causes of waste”.

This is a huge step in the right direction when it comes to ending the controversial practice of high-end fashion houses dumping old stock in landfill or sending it to an incinerator to prevent it from ending up in discount stores.

In addition, Burberry has also promised that it will go fur free, starting with the debut collection of its new creative head, Riccardo Tisci, which will be unveiled on the 17th September during London Fashion Week.

This move will bring Burberry in line with other high-profile fur-free brands, such as Versace, Gucci and Giorgio Armani.

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