SOAK yourself in a little bit of luxury

In today’s blog we shine a light on one of our incredible vendors, SOAK BOX England.

Created from a desire to develop a natural collection of premium products with a glamorous edge SOAK BOX England use a combination of natural and organic ingredients to proudly incorporate a large array of beneficial essential oils, minerals, plant extracts and vitamins.

SOAK BOX products will not only enhance, protect and nourish your skin but will also look and smell fabulous in your home. As with all the other incredible vendors here on Ethea, all products from SOAK BOX for both skin and home do not contain any harsh chemicals or ingredients, no added synthetic materials, have not been tested on animals and are 100% vegan.

Indulge yourself with their alluring natural scents, beautifully rewarding skin products for the face and body all wrapped up in their beautifully elegant packaging.

We all deserve a little bit of luxury, right? And there’s no better way to reward ourselves than with a morning and evening skin routine that makes us feel great from the inside out. SOAK BOX provides that moment of indulgence, with all their products carefully deigned to make you feel amazing.

Whether you are looking for a range of skincare products, a single addition to compliment your existing beauty regime or a luxurious gift for a loved one, we are sure SOAK BOX England have something that you will adore.

The girls here at Ethea HQ are certain you will love SOAK BOX collections as much as we do so what are you waiting for? Shop now here on Ethea today!

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