The growing demand for eco-fashion

In recent years ethical fashion has become more popular than ever before, forcing major brands to become even more transparent in their fabrics and manufacturing.

There has never been a more conscientious generation of consumers, with millions now seeking out clothing that is fair trade and sustainable. Second thoughts for the welfare of others and the concern for the planet are two major components to the reason behind the skyrocketing popularity of eco fashion.

With signs that a younger generation of consumers will demand something different, and a wealth of new brands are offering it, eco fashion has well and truly taken off.

The figures alone are enough to do the talking. Eco fashion is now a $5 billion per year industry, whereas just ten years ago it hadn’t even cracked $1 billion. This might still be a small share of global revenue, but its growth signals a major shift.

Thankfully, thanks to social media and the celebrity influence, eco fashion is being seen more and more as a desirable option, with an abundance of brands rejuvenating the market and many young celebrities championing it; most notably Emma Watson, who recently set up an Instagram account to document her eco-friendly fashion looks.

Retail analyst for market research firm Mintel, Alice Goody, said: “Young consumers are driving this shift in attitudes.

“44% of younger millennials – the 17-26 age range – said they would like to see more eco-friendly fabrics used in clothes.”

In comparison, just 34% of Generation X and 30% of baby boomers said it was important to them. Even for young women, sustainability was still a low priority – Mintel found 80% mainly looked for low prices.

Goody adds that ethical and sustainable fashion will increase but “it will be difficult for it to make a massive impact”.

However Eva Kruse, chief executive of Global Fashion Agenda, which organises the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, said: “Sustainability or responsible innovation is by far the biggest trend in the industry right now.

“And it’s not a philanthropic quest – this is a business development.”

Taking a huge step in the right direction on the high street fashion giants such as H&M, Mango and Zara have all launched sustainable collections.

And taking a huge step in the online world, Ethea’s offering of eco-friendly fashion vendors are increasing by the day. Make that move and let Ethea help you have style, with a conscience in 2018.

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