Fur-Free Fur – Fashion’s Biggest Trend

Late last year, fashion giant Gucci announced its plans to join the Fur Free Alliance with the promise to no longer use, promote or publicise animal fur, and instead champion synthetic alternatives from its spring 2018 collection onwards.

The designer joined the likes of Stella McCartney, Giorgio Armani and Net-a-Porter in their bid to abolish animal products from the catwalk and across all of their divisions. Lifelong vegetarian and pioneer of cruelty-free fashion Stella McCartney’s vegan furs were first unveiled on the catwalk in 2015, where she now proudly displays the “Fur-free fur” label on the outside of her coats.

The move from the instrumental designers marked a new era for the fashion industry, and Gucci as one of the most influential brands on Milan’s notoriously fur-friendly catwalks, the decision suggests a seismic shift for fur within the modern luxury market.

There are now some incredibly authentic-looking faux-fur items on the catwalk, including designs by Italian Marco de Vincenzo, who has championed faux since 2014, citing it as “more creative and modern” than real fur. His current collection includes floor-length coats in an eco-friendly fur from a company chosen by the designer for winning Peta’s seal of approval.

And it’s not just the catwalks striving for change. The millennial market is driving the push for a fashion-conscious high street, with many high street stores embracing the faux-fur trend, and a number of fur-free coats in recent lookbook campaigns. Take Mango for example, they’re selling incredibly bold, luxurious faux-fur options in eye wateringly fabulous shades – a must-have for any fashion, and animal lover.

Younger luxury consumers are now a more ethically minded breed than previous generations, with close to half of all vegans aged 15-34 (42%), compared with just 14% who are over 65. Research has found that millennials are more likely to eat clean, buy organic food and check clothing labels for where it’s made and what it’s made of.

Times are changing, and fashion-forward brands are sitting up and taking note. Be part of the movement, go fur-free.

Image credit: Mango.co.uk

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