Ethea’s top picks for a pamper night

Life as we know it has been put on hold, and as strange and worrying as the circumstances we find ourselves in, we can use this time to slow down, to reflect and to give ourselves and our bodies some much-needed and well-deserved time out. 

A pamper night is a perfect way to pass the time in a positive way and the Ethea girls know exactly how to do that! Here are our top picks for a blissful pamper night in:


To help create a relaxing atmosphere, we suggest using some essential oils if you have them – such as lavender, rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine or sage. Scents such as chamomile or vanilla may also help give you a better night’s sleep. Ethea’s Kiss the Moon ‘Dream after dark’ bath oil is the perfect accompaniment to your hot water – with the soothing lavender and chamomile helping to relax your body and mind. 

Ethea’s Divine and Handmade hazelnut oil is also a beautiful oil to use once you’ve soaked your skin; a few drops leaves an instant result and absorbs quickly without leaving an oily layer.

Shampoo and Conditioner: 

Feeling fresh and clean on your pamper night is essential, so washing your hair and taking time to massage the scalp will leave you feeling rejuvenated and invigorated. Saving the planet doesn’t have to mean bad hair either… our wonderful vendor Kind2 have reinvented shampoo and conditioner for the 21st century. Their formulas are vegan and free from plastic, soap, sulphates, silicones and parabens. Instead, they’re full of active plant based extracts to gently treat specific hair needs. Take a look for yourself on ethea and try them out! You won’t look back. 


Bath time is never complete without a candle. Try Lola’s Apothecary sweet lullaby candle from Ethea; made with an innovative blend of plant waxes, the candles outperform soy wax to rival traditional paraffin candles, yet happily without the harmful carbon. The brand collaborated with renowned British illustrator Deborah Ballinger to design the exclusive botanical pattern on the iconic smoky candle jar, to add a touch of style and fragrant opulence to any room! A must for pamper night!


Wearing something comfy and relaxing whilst looking and feeling good is essential for your pamper night! After your bath, you want light loose-fitted clothes to allow your skin to breathe and absorb in the essential oils that you’ve used. We wear Chaykra’s wonderful lounge and yoga wear for our pamper nights so would highly recommend a browse through her collection! Why not try the Harem pants here? 

It’s important to take care of yourself as well during lockdown. Not only will it help you relax amidst news cycles that seem to change every minute, but it’ll help you become more comfortable with what’s certainly an uncomfortable time for all of us to be in.

Most importantly, stay safe and self love.

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