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Find a Deeper Sense of Wellbeing with 58 Lifestyle

Longer nights, lighter mornings and sunkissed skin – summer is upon us. With Vitamin D proven to improve overall wellbeing we thought it was the perfect time to shine a spotlight on one of our incredible brands here on Ethea

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A Modern Sustainable take on Hygiene

In today’s post we hear from Grace and Green, one of our fantastic vendors here on Ethea, as they discuss the importance of plastic-free period products for 2019. Out of sight, out of mind. Let’s be honest, periods and period

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Innovative Fashion Brand Creates Vegan And Cruelty-Free Silk

Silk is the animal fabric that many people don’t even consider – but the truth is that over 6,6 thousand silkworms die to produce just one kilogram of silk. The use of silk isn’t eco-friendly, either: recently, the Pulse of Fashion Industry

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Veganuary, are you in?

As far as New Year’s resolutions go, this one is definitely our favourite. Record numbers have signed up to “Veganuary” this year in the bid to live on a plant-based diet, at least for a few weeks. With vegan options

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A Day In The Life Of UpCircle

I never would have suspected that I would end up running a business alongside my big brother William. We have always had such different personalities that I couldn’t have imagined a business that we would both have a shared passion

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Vegan Fashion Week Launches in LA

In recent news we’ve heard about so many high fashion designers ditching fur, leather, mohair, angora amongst more animal-derived products. And with so many celebrities bringing vegan fashion to the forefront, and the latest news that the fashion industry is

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Adidas Launches Vegan Stan Smiths

The good news just keeps coming. Sportswear giant Adidas has launched a vegan version of its classic Stan Smith shoe – designed by the wonderful vegan and cruelty-free advocate Stella McCartney. Lifelong vegetarian McCartney proposed she create the shoe after being gifted a pair of

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Belstaff ditches the fur

British luxury house Belstaff has become the latest big name in fashion to join the list of brands and designers to ban real fur from their collections. The fashion house was acquired by Ineos from JAB Holdings last autumn and is

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UK Parliament To Debate Ban On Selling Fur

Fur farming is banned in the UK – but fur products can still be legally imported from other countries. However tomorrow marks the day the UK government will debate the ban on selling fur; a potentially monumental pivotal point in

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The Growing Demand for Vegan Skincare

According to new reports, the global organic personal care market size is expected to reach a whopping $25.1 billion by 2025, exhibiting a 9.5% compound annual growth rate during the forecast period. Growing demand for organic and natural hair care, skincare, and

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Versace and Furla join the luxury designers ditching the fur

Joining a growing list of luxury fashion designers turning their backs on the fur industry Italian fashion house Versace and handbag and accessories maker Furla have announced they will stop using real fur in their creations. Amid pressure from animal

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The growing demand for eco-fashion

In recent years ethical fashion has become more popular than ever before, forcing major brands to become even more transparent in their fabrics and manufacturing. There has never been a more conscientious generation of consumers, with millions now seeking out

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