Bossing Veganism

Internationally-renowned luxury fashion brand, Hugo Boss, has responded to the growing demand for cruelty-free fashion by releasing its first-ever line of vegan men’s shoes. Joining a fleet of high-end fashion designers making the move to cruelty-free fashion Hugo Boss has made the move at the right time.

The shoes, retailing at £220, are made from a plant-based leather called Pinatex which is produced using pineapple, and have been released in four different colours: blue, black, brown and yellow.

A statement from Hugo Boss says “BOSS Menswear introduces new sneakers that take bold steps forward for responsible design.

“The limited-edition styles are crafted from Piñatex®, an innovative leather-alternative created from pineapple leaf fibres. The result: footwear that makes a minimal imprint on the planet and offers a sleek BOSS look.

“Each and every part of the sneakers has been designed with innovation and sustainability in mind.

“The vegan shoes are available in a range of naturally-dyed colours, feature lightweight recycled TPU soles and fasten with organic cotton laces.”

According to the company, the pineapple-derived leather is collected as a by-product of harvest — no other resources are used to produce the material and farmers are able to sell the leaves as an additional source of income. While Hugo Boss leather shoes are iconic in the luxury men’s fashion world, the collection represents the brand’s recent commitment to using more sustainable materials.

Brands around the world are getting creative with the materials used for animal-free fashion. High-end German footwear company nat-2 recently launched a pair of vegan mushroom leather trainers and following the success of its first vegan shoe line, Birkenstock expanded its cruelty-free collection with additional colours and designs.

And in the world of celebrities, vegan-activist Miley Cyrus recently released Converse x Miley Cyrus, a collaborative effort resulting in the launch of vegan shoes, clothes, and accessories.

Keep your eyes peeled for an exciting footwear brand announcement on Ethea this week and let’s change the world of fashion, one step at a time.

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