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Animal-free fragrances have been tipped as 2018’s hottest trend. So, what will be your signature scent?

Scents devoid of animal products are tipped to sweep the market this year according to new research from online marketplace

Experts at analysed current market data alongside their own survey of 2,400 perfume consumers to reveal the biggest fragrance trends for the year ahead.

The perfume purveyors found that, with Brits signing up to Veganuary in record numbers, some 64 per cent of fragrance consumers will be looking for vegan perfumes over the next 12 months.

A spokesperson for OnBuy said: “There is currently a strong desire for cosmetics to be cruelty-free, and perfume is no exception. The general rise in veganism is to account for this, with many consumers not even aware that their perfumes may contain ingredients tested on animals.

“A general rule is, if the product is sold in China then [it has likely] been tested on animals. For perfume shoppers looking to avoid this, stick to brands such as Le Labo and Penhaligon’s, or fragrances from Lush and The Body Shop. You will also want to avoid perfumes containing animal-derived ingredients such as amber or civet.”

Animal testing has been proven to be ineffective and the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine report that there is a 92 per cent failure rate, making the practice pointless.

Scents infused with vegetable notes are also growing in popularity – likely to be a trend to well and truly take off this year, according to a Mintel report which found that women are ‘more experimental’ with their perfumes than ever- with one in five survey participants saying they would try a vegetable-based fragrance in 2018.

According to trend forecasters The Future Laboratory, the UK natural cosmetics market is currently worth just over £54m, and is set to reach £34bn globally by 2019. Natural beauty stores are flourishing: from Liverpool and Manchester to Leeds and London, chic natural tinctures are popping up everywhere. Whilst on the high street The Body Shop around the capital is becoming the new destination to your cruelty free fixtures, online Ethea is providing a platform for consciously-styled users to browse with ease, safe in the knowledge everything is vegan and cruelty-free.

Scent and Colour, featured on Ethea, specialises in high quality perfumes and colognes made only with the finest selected essential oils. The company does not use synthetic materials in any of their products, which allows them to offer customers one of the best fixations on the market – resulting in their perfumes staying on your skin longer than ever.

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