3 ways to shop more sustainably

Last year 300,000 tonnes of clothing in the UK was sent to landfill sites. That’s a whole lot of waste – and, to make matters worse, a lot of that was probably clothing made from artificial fabrics that aren’t biodegradable. So, what can we actually do about it? And how can our buying habits really make a difference?

The Ethea team have come up with a few ways you can start to shop more sustainably.

  1. Can you see plastic on the label?

Single-use plastic is one of the biggest issues we are currently facing as a planet, but we understand that many of you may not be aware that plastic has also infiltrated our clothes in the form of fibres.

Here on Ethea we stock some gorgeous clothing brands, that are equally as ethical and sustainable as they are fashionable. Take Nude Ethics and Milochie for example – incredibly beautiful clothing stores without the added price tag, or guilt.

High street brands are also starting to make moves in the world of ethics, with specific sustainable lines such as H&M’s Conscious and Close The Loop ranges, or Mango Committed.

  1. Buy Vintage

From vintage shops to eBay to everything in between, there are hundreds of ways to find great quality second-hand clothing to expand your wardrobe, instead of buying new. Not only does this lessen your environmental impact, but it also means you’ve got something that no one else will have – something with history or something from one of your favourite labels at a fraction of the price! 

  1. Rethink your beauty choices

Choose organic and plastic-free products – trust us, it’s really not as hard as you think! We have a whole host of incredibly luxurious yet cruelty-free, vegan and plastic-free products here on Ethea. And as well as being better for the planet, these products are also so much better for your skin too!

Make incremental changes to your buying habits and you will soon feel the difference.

Be the change. Shop Ethea.

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